Fiat sells off stuff

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Fiat, yesterday
Fiat, yesterday

Just a day after announcing plans to sell off 10 percent of Ferrari, cash strapped Fiat has revealed new schemes to raise money by selling portions of other well-known assets.

The sell off will start with the familiar 500 name, just under 10 percent of which will be offered to investors leaving the popular small car known as the Fiat 458.

The company is also committed to selling off 40 percent of each word-based model name which will leave a line-up consisting of the Pan, the Pun, the Dob and the Bra.

Finally, the Italians will streamline the name of their own company by a quarter and that of their American division by over a third, leaving the group known as Fat Cryer.

‘This is best for everyone,’ said FGA boss So chin.