Ford announces ’70s Fiesta

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The special Fiesta, yesterday
The special Fiesta, yesterday

As the Mini and Fiat 500 capitalise on 1950s and ‘60s heritage, Ford has announced a special edition inspired by the company’s work of the 1970s, called the Fiesta Strike.

Available exclusively in brown, the Strike comes with lavish levels of 1970s equipment including tinted glass, passenger door mirror and a vinyl roof. Inside, occupants are treated to part-cloth seats, a push button AM-VHF radio and a quartz clock. The dashboard also features an eight-track player, pre-installed with a staggering 11 songs, all by Slade. Connectivity is taken care of by an illegal CB radio in the glovebox.

Under the bonnet, the Strike boasts a 1.3-litre Kent engine producing a staggering 59bhp on four star whilst in the boot is an embossed box containing 30 pack of Rothmans. This one week’s supply of cigarettes is complimented by a free bottle of driving whisky.

The Fiesta Strike is available to order now and will be delivered in 10-14 months, industrial action permitting. To complete the full ‘70s effect, 20 years after buying a Fiesta Strike the owner will be arrested for being a sex pest.