Crazy Dave

Crazy D on the 2014 US GP

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CrazyDave2014Yippee ki och aye tha noo muthafuckas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha from the United US of States Giddy Piddyizzle wit’ ma shorty Suzee Pee and ma even shortier Eddee Jay. Get hot wit’ ma highlights cuz live is fo’ losers.

So las’ weekend we slide on over Austin side and it be that time o’ the year when all tha homies be chattin’ ‘bout who be goin’ where an’ ting. See, ma buddy Nando be splittin’ on Fo’rarri and don’t take no rocketizzle scientizzleist to know that leave tha door open fo’ ma homie Sebby V but ain’t neither cat be spillin’. Meanwhizzle, you got ma so solid Jenny B and that bro don’ know if he stayin’ at tha MC Laren or be pickin’ up he’s shizzle in a cardbo’ bozzle. My advice fo’ tha Buttman, get yo’self a pair of tighty whitey jeans and a job wit’ tha Bee to tha Bee to tha Cee. Lucrativizzle sidelizzle in pundatrizzle.

Out on tha circle of truth, it be a two homie race between tha cats from MC Edes an’ come tha trio o’ tries it be that multi-national muthafunker NiRo who put it on tha one slot with Da Ham on tha two. But come tha five light goodbye tings ain’t so gravy fo’ NiRo an’ if that brother think he gonna hold it from twinkle to tablecloth, he got ‘nother ting comin’. First of all, tha Mexico muddyfunster Sergy P be glassin’ The Sutmaster an’ causin’ an SLS buzzkill and when that shizzle be done Da Ham be all up in NiRo’s face and make him he’s bitch. Betterizzle mentalizzle strenghtizzle underizzle pressure. Izzle.

Come tha chequer check, Da Ham take tha one, NiRo on tha two and my super smiley homie D Riccy on tha three hole. This be meanin’ that Da Ham should be in there like Crazy D at a tighty trousa discount store fo’ the driva’s world championshizzle but that ain’t so cuz NiRo could still steal it at tha last minute in Abu Dizzle. Double pointizzle bullshizzle.

An’ that be tha USA Gee Pee. Peace out.