VW keeps building Phaeton

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The Phaeton, yesterday
The Phaeton, yesterday

There was embarrassment in Germany this week as Volkswagen admitted it is building the same Phaeton over and over again.

‘Ja, for sure, a single Phaeton moves silently down the maplewood floors of the state-of-the-art 1.5 kilometre production line,’ admitted Phaeton manager Fay Tonmanager. ‘And then at the end, we take it round the back, completely dismantle it and send it back down the line again. It keeps us busy. Sigh.’

The Phaeton has long been known for the meticulousness of its production process, from the precision of the interior and the depth of the paint finish to the care with which the fluids are drained out of it and all the parts are put back on the shelves again.

‘Sometimes we respray the Phaeton and fit different interior trim,’ Tonmanager admitted. ‘Just so we can pretend someone has ordered one. Hahahahahahaha. Sigh.’