Chris Harris almost certainly joining Sniff Petrol

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Chris Harris, yesterday
Chris Harris, yesterday

Sniff Petrol is delighted to announce the addition of Chris Harris to our roster of contributors.

Harris hasn’t actually agreed to write for Sniff Petrol but the law of averages says give it a week or so and he’s bound to fetch up here in some form or other.

‘I’ll be writing about things for you,’ Harris will probably say whenever he decides to stop doing whatever he’s up to this week and realises Sniff Petrol is the only car media left that he hasn’t worked for. ‘I can’t wait,’ he might add whilst buying another car or doing some oversteer or something.

‘Oh God, not Chris Harris,’ said an internet commenter. ‘He’s paid off by Porsche and Ferrari and BMW and Mercedes and I hate my life and take out my bitterness by criticising others in a consequence-free environment.’