McLaren announces new naming policy

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An new McLaren name, yesterday
An new McLaren name, yesterday

Earlier this week McLaren announced that its forthcoming entry level car will be called ‘Sports Series’. Now the British company has revealed that the rest of its range will be renamed in equally dispassionate manner.

First to changes badges is the 650S coupe which from now on will be known as the Quantifiably Faster Sports Series. The 650S convertible will become the Quantifiably Faster Sports Series, Extra Wind Noise Edition.

At the top of the range, the sensational P1 will be renamed the Extremely Fast Combination Powertrain Sports Vehicle Series.

‘This displays a quantity of logicality,’ said a McLaren authorised speaking unit. ‘Message ends.’

McLaren advises that the Sports Series will be available to order next year from your local Vehicle Purchase & Maintenance Unit where a Products Selling Human will be on hand to facilitate a transaction to a satisfactory conclusion.