Crazy Dave

Crazy D on the 2014 Brazilian GP

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CrazyDave2014Och aye tha noo muthafuckas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha wit’ ma highzzlelizzles on the Double Biddy Cizzle. Cuz F1 is best enjoyed jus’ after Strictly an’ jus befo’ tha noos. Fo’ shiggedy.

So las’ weekend we slide on down Brazilian side, and Tha D ain’t talkin’ ‘bout he’s manscapin’ arrangements. Nah, it be da penultimozizzle Gee diddy Pee of the season and it still be everyting to play fo’ wit’ dem cats from Mo’cedes. Please God, don’ let it be spoilt by tha fiddy point final.

So, come tha three time fly by it be NiRo slammin’ it on tha ones with Da Ham on tha twos, but who this be slippin’ in on tha three spot but local brutha Filly M. Decisivizzle psychologicazzle boostizzle of tha homeizzle crowdizzle.

Come tha red five bye-bye, NiRo be keep it sweet fo’ the numero uno but Da Ham be all up in he’s shit an’ ting. But it ain’t so gravy fo’ ma Will.i.ams homie V Bottdiddy cuz that cat be losin’ time while tha ‘neers be checkin’ he’s straps. When you a racing driva, you want yo shit to be tight. That’s why Crazy D still wear these type of trousa. Cuttin’ off the circulatinizzle to ma testiclizzles.

So it be lookin’ like Da Ham gonna make a move on he’s team homie but then that cat jus’ spin it like Crazy D on a formation lap and he be playin’ catch up. Meanwhizzle, D Riccy gotta be a retirin’ smiler cuz he got trouble with he’s suspensizzle and Filly M be thinkin’ he be drivin’ fo’ MC Laren. Oh that panda face homie, always tryin’ to copy Fernandizzle Alonsozzle.

Come tha two tone tablecloth, NiRo be holdin’ it on tha one, Da Ham take it on tha two and nuff respec’ to Filly M fo’ takin’ tha three slot even though he takes a five sec smackdown an’ box wit’ he’s eyes shut. An’ who this be on tha fo’ slot it but ma so solid Jennie B. Persuasivizzle argumentizzle to stay. Izzle. Respec’

No respec’ fo ma old timey champiohomie Nelly PK though. Askin’ ‘bout another brother’s shorty on the three step wave an’ spray? Not cool bredren. Not cool. Yo look like a leatheryizzle old sexizzle pestizzle.

An’ that be tha Brazilian Gee Pee. Peace out.