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Sauber solvency solution

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An Sauber, yesterday
An Sauber, yesterday

Sauber has solved its current financial troubles by ceasing to be an F1 team and instead becoming a German court charging Bernie Ecclestone with bribery.

‘There was no way Bernie was going to bail us out because, as he points out, he must treat all teams equally,’ said a team insider. ‘Apart from the extra cash he gives to Ferrari, obviously.’

‘We completely understand that he can’t loan money to anyone,’ our mole continued. ‘No matter how long they have been an active part of the endeavour that has made him rich.’

However, our man reveals that Sauber were able to solve their problems by the simple expedient of ceasing to be an F1 team and setting themselves up as a part of the German legal system alleging that Bernie Ecclestone tried to bribe someone in order to affect the course of a business deal. ‘It was amazing,’ says our informant. ‘Suddenly $100 million appeared in our bank account, as if by magic!’

‘I’d recommend any team to try this,’ our source concluded. ‘Rather than, say, begging on the internet.’