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McLaren driving personnel explanational communication

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RonDennisBylineFollowing an official McLaren statement about their impending decision on drivers, RON DENNIS clarifies the team’s current position

Felicitational greetings, earth peoples. You may have received aural or visual informational reportations of a recent communicational statement from McLaren regarding our projected future driving human arrangemental circumstances. I felt it was of primary importantness to give optimised clarifcational output regarding this matter.

At this moment in time, no decisional parameters have been established regarding vehicle operational responsibilities for the 2015 competitive endeavour period. McLaren has an ongoing decisional situation which will enter a period of resolutionation within the temporal hardpoints of the final 1/12th of the current annum.

The permutational situation is centralised around the following data: Driving module 1 (Button, J.) contains an optimised quantity of experiential aptitude. Driving module 2 (Magnussen, K.) could match or exceed projected levels of positional realisation and is fiscally optimal, when viewed as a relative integer.

The full analysis of this data is ongoing in parallel to organisational preparationess, re. the arrival of a primary driving module of Iberian origin which should be regarded at this moment in time as a matter of confidentialationess.

I have uploaded my personal data sets re. the vehicle operative selectional process and await the comparative parameters of my co-operatives at the Wokingised central control centre. It is sub-optimal at this time for me to engage in wider disseminational activities as regards my preferentialisationess, though it should be hard pointed that the Button human may have caused significant blottation re. his copy book after verbally communicating to me that I was a feminine genital part and should engage in sexualational congress with myself.

Communication ends.