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Hamilton brought back down to earth

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Lewis Hamilton, yesterday
Lewis Hamilton, yesterday

A jubilant Lewis Hamilton has been shaken from the elation of his second F1 world championship after realising that he must spend the next few months with the sound of Nicole Scherzinger.

‘Lewis is used to having a high pitched, painful noise right next to his ear,’ said a source close to the driver. ‘But for 19 weekends a year he can at least drown her out by driving his F1 car. In the off season, however, there’s only so many times he can claim he needs to ‘go away testing’.’

Sources say Hamilton’s other complaints about having to spend the whole winter with his girlfriend include ‘shower full of shampoo products’, ‘yoghurt for every meal’ and ‘still doesn’t understand difference between qualifying and race’.

‘After winning his second title Lewis can’t wait for the next season to begin,’ our mole continued. ‘Not because he wants to start trying for a third championship but because it means he can get away from that voice. It’s like crows being punched through a wood chipper.’