Ferrari to give many FXXKs

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The Ferrari FXXK badge, yesterday
The Ferrari FXXK badge, yesterday

Earlier today Ferrari announced a new ultra high performance car called the FXXK, marking the start of a whole new range of extreme models from Maranello.

The FXXK will be followed by a de-tuned version created specifically for the Italian market called the FXXK IT, a completely unrestricted model, the FXXK U, and a very hardcore variant in which all stability systems are permanently disabled, the FXXK OFF. Joining this trio later next year will be a radical long wheelbase model using iniezione nitroso, or nitrous injection, called the FXXK IN L.

If these cars prove successful, Ferrari sources say there may be room for a version with a full F1-style energy recovery system, the FXXK ERS, and a manual transmission variant which will also boast hybrid regenerative power and the ultra stiff suspension of a racing car, called the MTHR FXXK R.

The introduction of the FXXK also marks the start of a new naming policy for the whole Ferrari range. Under the revised badging scheme, all cars will receive the distinctive XX lettering, starting with the replacement for the 458 which will be a sports car with a turbocharged engine and therefore known as the SXXT. A spin-off version with a folding roof will be the CXXT.

‘This is all shitting brilliant,’ said Ferrari director of naming, Stefano Tourette. ‘COCKING FLAPTITS’ he added mysteriously.