Crazy Dave

Crazy D on the 2014 Race of Champions

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CrazyDave2014Och aye tha noo muthafuckas. Crazy Dave comin’ atcha from Barbiddybadaydos. But Tha D ain’t here to be chillin’ on tha bea-ach cuz this be tha muthaflippin’ cockizzles on tha tableizzle that is tha Race Of Champignons. An’ guess what? Crazy D be puttin’ on he’s tighty whitey drivin’ trousas to show dem homies how to come seventh or thereaboutizzles. Fo’ sho’.

All tha big dogs be in tha house. We got ma Danish endurohomie T Kristizzle, ma Motizzle Giddy Pizzle brutha Micky Doo and ma so-solid F1 buddy RoGros, tha reigning champignon. But dem cats ain’t findin’ it so gravy in tha early heats and these brothers be findin’ themselves in JEVtown. Yea, dat’s right, they be out. But tha D, he jus’ keep on keepin’ on.

Also receivin’ a first class ticket to Loser International Airportizzle be ma USA homies like Indie five hundy winna RyHuRe, ma so-solid NAScat K-Bu, an’ off road homie Robby G. But tha D, he jus’ keep on keepin’ on.

But then shit get real cuz Crazy D, he be takin’ on my Rallycrizzle homie P Solbiddy in tha VW Poldiddy RX. But that Scandi brutha jus’ ain’t got tha bus fare and next ting Crazy D be facin’ ma V8 Supercuppin’ homie Jamie Whincup, and dat cat be goin’ full Rosberg. Ain’t so cool bein’ numba two. But tha D, he jus’ keep on keepin’ on.

This be it. Tha finalizzle. It jus’ be Tha D and ma MC Edes spare driva homie P Wehrdiddy. No one wanna be what ma MC Laren brutha Ronny D call first o’ tha losaz. Crazy D put on he’s special extra lucky, extra tighty underpantizzles and keep he’s eyes on tha prize.

An’ guess what? The D man bring it on home. Tha’s right. Crazy D be tha grand champignon. Tha tighty whitey championizzle of championizzles. Yea, D stillz got tha skillz that pay tha billz. Fo’ shiggedy.

And that was tha Race o’ Champignons. Drop tha mic.