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Hamilton buys priest

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An priest, yesterday
An priest, yesterday

Lewis Hamilton has celebrated winning the F1 championship and BBC Sports Personality of the Year by buying a priest.

‘For a long time Lewis has talked about being #blessed,’ said a source close to the British star. ‘Now whenever he says that, he will be actually #blessed by his own personal man of God.’

Our insider says Hamilton feels a great affinity with his new purchase. ‘There’s a lot a similarities between Lewis and the priest,’ he explains. ‘They both have to wear slightly weird clothes as part of their job, they both enjoy a silly hat, they’re both answerable to a big guy.’

Since buying the priest, Hamilton has been travelling everywhere with it and has been given a small impromptu blessing up to 17 times a day. ‘It’s a great bonus for Lewis to be literally #blessed on demand,’ admitted our source. ‘And of course when Nicole says she wants to play him some new songs, the priest will do his best to have a word with the guy upstairs to comply with Lewis’s request to oh God, please make it stop.’