Bentley to build new R&B centre

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How the new R&B centre will look, yesterday
How the new R&B centre will look, yesterday

Bentley has announced plans to expand its Crewe HQ with a brand new, £40 million R&B centre.

The state-of-the-art R&B facility will include a variety of simulated terrains including Ocean Drive in Miami and the street outside a club in Los Angeles upon which a large man in what appears to be a fur coat can emerge from a Bentley whilst his companion opens the passenger door and inadvertently shows a waiting paparazzo her frou frou.

The new centre will also contain a high tech virtual reality room in which the styling of a forthcoming model can be checked to see how it looks when filmed from a low angle in a brightly lit room whilst a buffoon wearing too much gold jewellery repeatedly stoops down and flicks his hands towards the camera.

Bentley’s investment in a new R&B centre shows how seriously the company takes it core markets, and the new facility will complement the firm’s existing, highly detailed simulation of the car park at Manchester City’s training ground.

CORRECTION: After re-reading the press release more carefully, it turns out Bentley is actually building a £40m R&D centre. Sorry.