Honda confirms the beginning of the end of new NSX production

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The new NSX, yesterday
The new NSX, yesterday

Honda will use next month’s Detroit Motor Show to reveal the final, showroom-ready version of the mk2 NSX, which will be a limited edition model built to commemorate the end of mk2 NSX production.

‘The new NSX has been a long time in development but at last it is ready and production will start in 2015,’ said a Honda representative. ‘Unfortunately, it took so long to get ready that it is now at the end of its life and production will end in 2015.’

New NSX production is scheduled to start at a brand new factory in Ohio which will open early next year. The ill-fated factory is due to close early next year.

As with the first generation NSX, the two most sought after versions of the new NSX will be very early examples and models from the very end of the production, especially as these will be the same car.

Unfortunately for NSX enthusiasts, Honda has now put back start of production which will now happen at the same time as production ends, meaning that the total number of new NSXs built will be capped at around zero.

‘We apologise to anyone who was hoping to buy a new NSX,’ said the company’s spokesman. ‘I’m afraid this car is now sold out. Not even we at Honda can buy one, and we are the people who make it. Or rather, who don’t. Please go away.’