New Ford GT engine choice explained

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The new Ford GT, yesterday
The new Ford GT, yesterday

The amazing new Ford GT does not have a V8 engine ‘because of Muslims’ according to sensational report from factphobic American broadcast anus, Fox News.

Speaking on popular Fox current affairs show I Done Be Angry And Scared, international terror expert John Bullsh explained that the dramatic new supercar has just a V6 engine as a result of ‘communism, Obama and, most of all, Muslimation’.

‘These people want to take away basic American rights such as the right to have a V8 motor in your vehicle,’ Mr Bullsh told Fox anchors Kelly Bighair and Secretlee Gay. ‘These socialist Muslim commie bastards, they steal two of your cylinders and replace them with something called “twin turbos”, which is the Muslim word for “homo stuff”. That’s a fact.’

However, Mr Bullsh later retracted his claims, stating that the GT’s V6 engine was ‘probably not as a result of Muslimisationalised influences’ and admitted it may be something to do with ‘marketing efforts to promote the Ecoboost V6 engine family and greater efficiency across the Ford range’.  His retraction was broadcast on top-rated Fox News show, The Ill-Informed Reactionary Drivel For Simpletons Hour.