Peugeot announces new magnet tech

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Peugeot magnetic technology in action, yesterday
Peugeot magnetic technology in action, yesterday

Peugeot has announced details of a radical new fuel-saving system which the company calls Hybride Magnetique. The set-up is based around powerful magnets built into the front of the car which allow it to ‘latch on’ to other cars and lorries as it drives along, thereby lessening the load on the engine.

‘The idea is extremely simple,’ said magnets technology boss Magnus Tecknologie-Bohss. ‘Why not use energy from the car in front by clamping your car to its rear bumper. The idea came to me whilst on an autoroute with an Audi behind me.’

Despite the simplicity of the idea, however, Peugeot concedes there are still some teething troubles to iron out before the new system reaches the showroom. ‘We strongly advise you not to walk around the front of the car if you have bank cards in your pocket,’  Tecknologie-Bohss admitted. ‘Or a pacemaker. Or if you are wearing a belt.’

‘On the plus side,’ he continued. ‘If you have a car fitted with Hybride Magnetique technology you will never again have to buy paperclips. Or spoons. Or artificial limbs.’