Porsche announces 911 Really Turbo

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An 911 Turbo, yesterday
An 911 Turbo, yesterday

After confirming that all future 911 Carreras will be turbocharged, Porsche has announced plans to re-badge the existing 911 Turbo as the 911 Really Turbo.

‘We thought we were in the shit there for a moment,’ admitted the company’s moniker supervisor, Monica Supervizor. ‘For many weeks we asked the engineers, are you sure there isn’t another word for turbo? And they told us very efficiently to sod off.’

Porsche sources say many options were considered to avoid undermining the flagship 911 including writing its name in capitals to make it seem more important, or adding letters to its name, so it would be known as the 911 Tuuuuuuurboooooo.

‘Ultimately, we have decided to keep it simple,’ Supervizor confirmed. ‘By calling the car 911 Really Turbo we emphasise that yes, other 911s have turbochargers, but this one is extremely turbocharged. Customers will see the italics and know, it really is very turbocharged indeed.’

Meanwhile, Morgan has encountered similar name confusion problems after deciding that all its new models will come with a pair of plus fours.