New Jag XE review review

A XE, yesterday
A XE, yesterday

At long last the Jaguar XE review is here and Sniff Petrol is one of the very first to bring you its findings from the first road test of this exciting new car review.

First impressions of the Jaguar XE review are extremely positive, starting with some stuff about how this is a crucial car for Jaguar. Moving on to the second paragraph of the review, the section about all-aluminium construction is good, although slightly compromised by having to explain all the bits that aren’t aluminium.

At this point, you’ll probably want the review to get on the road, but it’s worth spending time letting the review talk about the styling in a way that is familiar yet attractive. Will the review mention the back lights appear to be from an Audi? The answer is yes, it will.

The question everyone really wants answered is, ‘will the review tell us what the XE is like to drive?’ and here the news is mostly good. The review moves immediately on to handling, an area where the review is poised and reassuring, whilst the review’s coverage of the ride is largely comfortable and well-judged. The matter of steering is dealt with by the review in a way that is sharp without being nervous. Only the engine causes the review to start grumbling, and this is easily explained away by this being an early review.

Of course, this is not the most spacious review in its class and its coverage of the infotainment system is not class leading, though better than previously, but overall the review’s assessment of the interior is understated and comfortable.

The big question has to be, how does the XE review compare to reviews of other cars such as the BMW 3-series or Mercedes C-class? First impressions are good. The XE review is about the same length as those two reviews and certainly feels more positive but we’ll have to see until we get all the reviews together in the UK for the final verdict. For now, however, the XE review seems very impressed.