Ford announces Ken-developed RS

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The new Focus RS, yesterday
The new Focus RS, yesterday

Ford has announced details of a new Focus RS, developed in conjunction with top American mucking about specialist Ken “Ken” Block.

Block’s influence starts with the exterior, which is covered in Go Pro cameras, and also covers the interior which features a branded baseball cap stitched to the headlining above the driver and a pair of oversized skate trainers glued to the pedals.

Dynamically, the new car features a number of Ken “Ken” Block inspired features including a handbrake that activates every time you turn the wheel and a unique traction control system that detects wheelspin and instantly makes the car go into slow motion.

As an added touch, the sat-nav is only capable of taking you to an abandoned warehouse, deserted hangar or dried up urban river.

Ford insiders have hinted that the Focus RS will be followed by a special Ken Block Rally Edition which will crash immediately.