TomTom announces KanyeNav

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KanyeNav, yesterday
KanyeNav, yesterday

TomTom has announced a new sat-nav tie-up with politenessphobic leather tracksuit tit Kanye West.

The new KanyeNav system is based on an existing TomTom nav unit, but re-programmed so that every instruction is interrupted by the voice of a deranged egomaniac who then apologises for interrupting, only to make things worse with his blithering twattery.

As an added feature, the KanyeNav replaces normal phrases such as ‘you have arrived at your destination’ with the word ‘Bam!’ said in a needlessly idiotic way.

The KanyeNav is programmed to keep on speaking even after the driver reaches their destination, although that destination will not be any major town or city since the KanyeNav is exclusively drawn towards what appears to be a ghastly, blimp-arsed live action sex doll.

Speaking at the launch of KanyeNav, Kanye West himself interrupted the boss of TomTom like a daft clit in order to say that he preferred Garmin.