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Ferrari making good progress on excuses

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The Ferrari S-FIST, yesterday
The Ferrari S-FIST, yesterday

Ferrari says it has made ‘great progress’ in developing its 2015 excuses.

‘There is still a long way to go,’ admitted a team insider. ‘But we wanted to say here and now that we have some excuses ready and we believe we will turn up in Australia in a good position to explain away a shitty, shitty start to the season.’

Sources say Ferrari’s pre-season excuse development has focused on areas where they are weak, such as admitting that they made a mistake, whilst building on elements where they are traditionally strong, such as blaming others and whining to the FIA.

‘We have never had so many excuses ready to go, so far ahead of the first race,’ boasted a second insider since the one we were talking to earlier in this story has since been sacked. ‘And once the excuses are sorted, we should have time to do some more work on the merchandise. Oh, and maybe the car.’