Is Apple working on a car?

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Rumours abound that Apple is working on a car. Sniff Petrol rhetorical headline correspondent BUZZFACT CLICKBAYTE gives eight amazing reasons why that is definitely the case.

An apple, yesterday
An apple, yesterday

1. Steve Jobs often drove a car.

2. Company rumoured to have trademarked the name iFiveDoorHatchback.

3. Chief designer Jonathan Ive has been seen getting into a car. What was he doing in there?

4. Architects’ drawings for new Apple campus mysteriously show a large area earmarked for the parking of cars.

5. Several roads spotted leading towards Apple headquarters and Apple shops and even Tim Cook’s house.

6. Apple insiders have made reference to top secret programme known only as ‘Project Let’s Make An Apple Car That’s By Apple And Is A Car’.

7. Bono keeps talking about an Apple car, even though you didn’t ask for him to.

8. Endless fucking stories about Apple making a car so must be true.