Bond film hits Aston problem

The new Aston DB10, yesterday
The new Aston DB10, yesterday

Reports from the set of the new Bond film, Spectre, say action sequences involving 007’s Aston Martin DB10 may have to be re-shot after producers noticed that every scene involving the new sports car featured a car journalist in the passenger seat taking notes for an exclusive ride-along preview feature.

Insiders say the problem first came to light after a shoot at a British stately home in which Bond uses the Aston to make a dramatic exit in a hail of gunfire. After reviewing the rushes, the producers noticed that the tension and excitement of the scene was undermined by the presence of a car journalist in the Aston’s passenger seat writing something in his notebook about how the engine note sounded purposeful and it was striking how effortlessly the car seemed to respond to the driver’s control inputs.

Panicked by this discovery, the Bond team went back to footage of an adrenaline packed chase they had just shot in Rome and realised that once again the drama of Bond’s on-the-limit driving was completely spoilt by the presence of another British journalist in the DB10’s passenger seat noting that the chassis seemed very accomplished, although he would have to wait until he got behind the wheel on British roads to say for sure.

‘The Spectre team has been in touch to ask how we can prevent this from happening,’ admitted one Aston insider. ‘Unfortunately, it’s a new Aston that isn’t on sale yet. With that in mind, I’m afraid there’s always a strong chance there will be a journalist in the passenger seat. Whether it’s on the roads of North Wales, hammering round the Nurburgring or in the middle of a car chase with some baddies, they’ll still be there, putting together blandly uninformative guesswork about the way it drives’.