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F1 fans reveal outdated views

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Carmen Jorda, yesterday
Carmen Jorda, yesterday

Following news that Lotus is to hire Carmen Jordá as a development driver, Formula 1 fans once again revealed age-old prejudices and outdated views as they took to the internet to criticize the Spanish driver simply because she is shit.

‘In 2015 a driver should not be singled out simply for being shit,’ said gender studies professor Jen der Stoodeez-Prohfessah. ‘These people would not even think of saying these things if Carmen Jordá was good, why do they say them simply because she is shit?’

‘This shows how much work F1 still has to do at beating prejudice,’ Prof. Stoodeez-Prohfessah continued. ‘It would be nice to think that we had all moved on from childishly focusing on irrelevant details about someone such as their woeful record in GP3.’

Lotus also jumped to defend their new signing after a rough ride from fans. ‘It is offensive and completely irrelevant to focus on Carmen’s lack of ability,’ said a team spokesman. ‘She has joined the team to do a job, and that job is to get photographed looking attractive in our overalls’.