Dacia goes back to basics

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The new basic Sandero, yesterday
The new basic Sandero, yesterday

Dacia is to celebrate 10 years since its relaunch in Europe with a new back-to-basics version of its popular Sandero, called the Da a Sand.

‘Other manufacturers add more badges and charge you more,’ said Dacia sales boss Daisy Assaylesboss. ‘With the Da a Sand, we’re actually reducing the number of letters in the badge, just as we’re reducing the number of driver’s seats and cylinders the engine runs on’.

Insiders who have driven the new ultra minimalist model say describe it as ‘a bit draughty’ and note that, with just under four wheels, the handling is ‘certainly good value’.

‘This new model is great news,’ said market analyst Mark Etanalist. ‘Especially for people who put low price above things such as having all the door holes filled with actual doors or a pedal that operates the brakes.’

‘Sounds a bit luxurious to us,’ said a spokesman for Ariel, yesterday.