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Ecclestone plan progresses

Bernie Ecclestone, yesterday
Bernie Ecclestone, yesterday

With the cancellation of this year’s German Grand Prix, microscopic doll’s hairstyle enthusiast Bernard Ecclestone has moved a step closer to his ultimate goal of really, really pissing off F1 fans.

‘Bernie’s dream is that by 2021, F1 fans are really, really pissed off,’ revealed an FOM insider. ‘And one of the ways he can achieve that is by getting rid of all the races at tracks they like. Silverstone, Monza, he’s hoping to do something about those too. Think of a race you like. He’s probably doing his best to bin it. Unless you like slow processions around industrial estates plastered in Rolex logos, in which case, knock yourself out.’

‘I can’t say what Bernie’s next move will be in his plan to really, really piss off F1 fans,’ added our mole. ‘But suffice to say, if any country wants to force him pay $100m to make a legal problem go away, he can certainly look at ways to knacker their Grand Prix.’