New show for Scimitar fans

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Princess Anne, yesterday
Princess Anne, yesterday

Fans of fiberglass sports cars made in Tamworth should tune into male-centric cable TV channel UK Testes this week for the start of a brand new series entitled The Princess Anne Reliant Scimitar Hour.

The new show features the titular royal sitting in her drawing room at St James’s Palace slowly thumbing through photos of Reliant Scimitars, pausing occasionally to intone phrases such as, ‘Oh look. A Reliant Scimitar’ and ‘Well now that’s a lovely Reliant Scimitar’ before sighing wistfully.

In a move that’s sure to make The Princess Anne Reliant Scimitar Hour a cult hit amongst people who enjoy watching a horsey lady spending 58 minutes flicking through pictures of old Reliant Scimitars, the 11th in line to the throne will sign off each of the 10 episodes with the distinctive catchphrase, ‘Well that’s quite enough Reliant Scimitars for now. I drive one, you know’.

The Princess Anne Reliant Scimitar Hour starts on UK Testes this Thursday at 8pm, or at 9pm on UK Testes +1.