New Ford Galaxy smells

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The new Ford Galaxy, car number 129, yesterday
The new Ford Galaxy, car number 129, yesterday

Ford has announced details of its brand new Galaxy MPV which the company says will boast unprecedented levels of a strange, sickly smell that appears to be an air freshener but is clearly struggling to mask something much, much worse.

‘In developing the new model we worked tirelessly with existing Galaxy customers trying to work out what on earth that smell was,’ explains Interior Technologies Manager Ian Tearior-Technologeesmanager. ‘Was it vomit? Was it rotting fruit? Was it a carrier bag full of turds and hair? And what was trying to mask it? Was it orange? Was it lavender? Was it the driver’s aftershave and, if so, which covered market stall had he bought it from? These are all elements we have worked into the smell of the interior on new Galaxy.’

Alongside a higher level of interior smell, the new Galaxy comes as standard with even stickier seats, more erratic steering, an increased level of sudden braking and a funny wheel bearing-ish sort of noise that only becomes apparent on the dual carriageway section of the airport run.

The new Galaxy is ready now. Your driver’s name is Sam.