Roof of that convertible still not down even in this weather

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An convertible, yesterday
An convertible, yesterday

According to local reports, the top on that convertible isn’t down even though it’s a really nice day.

Despite clear skies and soaring temperatures, eyewitnesses claim that the retractable roof on that convertible is still up, leading many to question why the driver bought a soft top car in the first place.

‘If I had a car like that, I’d put the top down on a day like today,’ said local woman Elsby Frigbist, who saw the convertible drive past. ‘It’s such a waste to not put the top down on that convertible.’

‘Why would you have a car like that convertible and not put the top down?’ questioned bystander Ernst Cleesp. ‘You might as well have bought a car with a roof that didn’t retract if you’re not going to retract it in this kind of weather.’

However, not all onlookers were so quick to demand the roof of that convertible be put down. ‘What if they put the top down but then only rolled down the front windows, leaving the rear quarter windows poking up in the air,’ said one man we spoke to. ‘That would be even more annoying.’