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Rosberg maintains moan

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Nico Rosberg, yesterday
Nico Rosberg, yesterday

Moany weird eared Germo-Finnish driver Nico Rosberg has stood by claims that his Chinese Grand Prix was ‘compromised’ by team mate Lewis Hamilton driving too slowly ahead of him.

‘Driving in a race is just like driving on the road,’ the Finlish-Germano driver explained. ‘When the guy in front slows down, you have to slow down too. It’s obvious. I mean, if there’s a slower moving car ahead of you, what else could you do?’

Rosberg claims that this slowing down enabled third placed Sebastian Vettel to get too close to the back of his Mercedes, putting both drivers in danger. ‘Seb was closing in on me,’ the Teuto-Finlandical driver claimed. ‘And if that happened, he would have been very near to the back of my car, which is dangerous. I mean, once you’re close behind another car, you’re stuck there, right?’

Rosberg says he has cleared the air with Hamilton, but maintains that the British driver eased off too much during the race. ‘It meant I couldn’t do my job,’ the Finmanic-Gerlandian insisted. ‘Look up the definition of ‘racing driver’ in the dictionary. It doesn’t say, ‘man who uses skill and judgment to drive his car past slower cars’. It says, ‘whiny little baby who will always come second.’ At least, it does in mine.’