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Raikkonen feeling mnn mn mnurr

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A delighted Raikkonen, yesterday
A delighted Raikkonen, yesterday

Following his second place in yesterday’s Bahrain GP, Ferrari sources say that Kimi Raikkonen is feeling totally mnn mn mnurr.

The Finnish driver is reported to have said to his engineers that the podium place was ‘nnn mnggg rrrrmnnnng’ and that this has boosted his feelings towards coming races to ‘mmmmnnn mn’.

Raikkonen is said to be so ‘mmnnn nnnmnm’ about his performance in Bahrain that in the pit garage afterwards the ebullient driver individually looked at at least two mechanics, slightly opened his mouth as if to say something, and then walked out. ‘It was incredible,’ said one team insider. ‘I’ve never seen him so emotional’.

Sources say that if Raikkonen can follow his impressive second place with a victory in coming races he will achieve the highest state of delight possible for a Finnish person known as ‘simsu’ which literally translates as ‘yea, whatever’.