General Election 2015 – The transport policies

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An vote, yesterday (which sadly means it wouldn't be valid)
An vote, yesterday (which sadly means it wouldn’t be valid)

The general election is almost upon us and that means every eligible voter in Britain has a decision to make.

Perhaps you’re going to vote Conservative because you’re the kind of vile, joyless twat who hates the NHS. Maybe you’re going to back Labour, because you’re a hand-wringing, farmers’ market lefty and you don’t mind making the blubbering, bed wetting president of the lower sixth chess club our prime minister. It could be you’re going to vote UKIP because you’re quite unpleasant and it’s easy to blame the utter failure of your own life on foreigners. Or maybe the Lib Dems will get your vote, because you want to waste it and wherever you live the candidate is almost certainly your old geography teacher.

Or maybe you haven’t decided yet because you want to know more about the transport policies of the various parties. In which case, Sniff Petrol is here to help with our exclusive General Election 2015 Guide To The Transport Policies Of Various Political Parties Guide 2015.