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51.5 Shades Of Grey

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RONDennisSniff Petrol is proud to present an exclusive extract from the new novel 51.5 SHADES OF GREY by acclaimed erotic writer R.O.N. DENNIS.

“He regarded the shimmering silver for a moment, pausing to take in how tightly it wrapped over the curves underneath. ‘This is sub-optimal under certain quantities of brightness,’ he whispered. ‘You must re-evaluate key parameters of this adornment.’

He paced precisely around the workshop facility, stopping when he noticed a single speck of dust upon a flat surface. He felt dirty.

‘Let us engage in a playing of roles scenario,’ he breathed. ‘I will be the de facto executive responsible for all elements of the running of this organization. My requirement regarding your role is to adopt a dynamic, predatory graphite-grey colouration, complemented by McLaren day-glow speedmarks and key lines.’ There was an uncomfortable silence. What was he trying to say?

He noticed two crumbs on a nearby work surface. He felt disgusted at this filth.


It was the next day. The young Spaniard felt hot and nervous. He told himself this wasn’t a race yet in his mind he knew of course that it was. It had been so long since he had managed to finish first he could barely remember what it felt like. He tried to clear his head and concentrate on the pounding, grinding noise behind him. Was that normal? What was normal anyway? Was it true what the man had said, that this was ‘an optimal power partnership’?

Seconds later a voice whispered in his ear; ‘We’re going to pull you off.’ Instantly fluids spurted from behind him and he knew it was over. Truly, once again, he was fucked.”