Pothole filled with tarmac

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The fixed pothole, yesterday
The fixed pothole, yesterday

According to reports coming out of the local area, the pothole has been filled with tarmac.

‘The pothole was getting quite big,’ said one local resident familiar with the situation. ‘But it’s okay now because someone has come along and dumped a load of tarmac into it.’

Sources say the tarmac was dumped into the pothole around 2pm yesterday and crudely smoothed over to make it roughly level with the surrounding road surface.

‘I can confirm that the pothole has been filled with tarmac,’ revealed a spokesman for the local council. ‘The procedure took upwards of four minutes and we are confident that this action will prevent the pothole from returning for up to two, perhaps even three weeks.’

‘Good riddance to the pothole!’ crowed one delighted local motorist. ‘We won’t be seeing it again, at least until the tarmac slowly breaks up and sinks into the pothole in a couple of weeks, causing it to become worse than before. Huzzah!’