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Mercedes announces Hamiltontronic

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Hamiltontronic in action, yesterday
Hamiltontronic in action, yesterday

Mercedes has announced a brand new technology called Hamiltontronic which aims to make you stop your car for no readily apparent reason.

‘Hamiltontronic allows existing sensors on the car to work together,’ explained Merc active safety boss Marc Ectivesayftee-Bboss. ‘So for example, the sat-nav can see there is a traffic jam ahead and tell the tyre pressure monitoring system to warn the driver that he needs to stop. And then, once he has stopped, the sat-nav can admit to the driver that the jam wasn’t that bad and the tyres are fine.’

Hamiltontronic also uses rear facing radar to detect following cars and then make decisions as to how best to let them go past, even though you don’t want them to go past.

Mercedes sources say Hamiltontronic will be available on all future models, unlike another new system called RosbergMatic which cannot be fitted to high performance AMG models as it is very unsporting.