Lamborghini confirms Anus

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The Lamborghini Anus, yesterday
The Lamborghini Anus, yesterday

Lamborghini has confirmed plans to build a large SUV, to be called the Anus.

‘Many of our customers need a more practical car,’ explained model expansion director Modella Spansion-Directore. ‘And I can tell you, they may be surprised at how many things they can get in their Anus.’

Mr Spansion-Directore went on to explain the breadth of capabilities the new car hoped to offer; ‘This machine will be supreme on the road, but also capable off the road,’ he insisted. ‘Wherever our customers go, they will be able to stretch their Anus.’

However, the company was keen to point out that the new car is not about power and performance above all else; ‘We may use new powertrain options to help CO2 targets,’ Mr Spansion-Directore confirmed. ‘As we know people will be concerned about the emissions from their Anus.’

‘This is not just a different type of car for our customers, it speaks of a whole new lifestyle,’ Spansion-Directore concluded. ‘You will see someone drive by in this car and you will say, Wow! Look at that Anus.’