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Hamilton allowed to take Rosberg revenge

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Lewis Hamilton, yesterday
Lewis Hamilton, yesterday

Following the Monaco race debacle, Mercedes has announced that it will compensate Lewis Hamilton at this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix by allowing him to remove one item from Nico Rosberg’s car.

‘Lewis was furious about what happened in Monaco and wanted something to level the playing field,’ explained a team insider. ‘We were going to let him add something to Nico’s car, but shipping an anvil or piano to Canada proved prohibitively expensive. That’s why in the end we decided he can go up to Nico’s car just before the race starts and remove a single thing from it which he can throw onto a specially built bonfire.’

Speculation is now rife in the paddock as to what one item the British driver might choose to take from Rosberg’s car in order to compromise his team mate’s race. ‘We thought he might go for something simple like one of the wheels,’ admitted our source. ‘But of course, there are many other things he could remove from inside Nico’s car such as the steering wheel or the brake pedal or the self-satisfied sense of entitlement.’

However, fresh intelligence from Montreal now suggests that Hamilton will attempt to ruin his rival’s Grand Prix in a more subtle way, by removing all the toys Rosberg has on hand to throw out the car when the race doesn’t go his way.