12 amazing things about Swarfega

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Swarfegafacts0We’re all familiar with popular hand cleaner Swarfega. But how much do you know about it? These facts will amaze you as Sniff Petrol lazy journalism correspondent BUZZFACT CLICKBAYTE reveals how many times you can write the word Swarfega before it becomes meaningless and confusing. Swarfega. 

1. Since 2004, Swarfega has been available in five different kinds; Swarfega, Diet Swarfega, Swarfega After Dark, Medical Swarfega, and Swarfega With A Hint Of Lime.

2. Swarfega gets its distinctive green colour from turtles, over 20 of which are grated into every tub.

3. Due to an administrative error, a tub of Swarfega was Prime Minister of Sweden for nine months during 1974. ‘It was a shameful time in our country’s past,’ says historian of Sweden, Hisstoriann Ovswedenn. ‘Although also refreshingly ungreasy’.

Swarfegafacts14. Celebrity Swarfega fans include actor Charlie Sheen, who eats handfuls of it to power his ‘sex stuff’, the band Radiohead, who almost called their 1997 masterpiece OK Swarfega, and TV’s James May, who uses it to clean his hands.

5. In China, Swarfega is sold in just two forms – standard and Extra Turtle.

6. The name Swarfega derives from ‘swarf’, which means ‘an oily and gritty residue’, and ‘ega’, which means ‘anally’.

7. The best way to remove a Swarfega stain from some curtains is with a lot more Swarfega.

8. In Malta, Swarfega is often confused with top-selling local mouthwash Swarfego. A popular local expression for a stupid person literally translates as ‘minty hands, relatively ungreasy breath’.

Swarfegafacts29. If you spread out all the Swarfega sold in one year, you would fall over.

10. Swarfega is illegal in France because it contains not enough turtle.

11. In 1999 Swarfega was involved in a legal dispute with Paul Swarfega, Germany’s sweatiest magician. Mr Swarfega lost the case, but was allowed to keep using his catchphrase, ‘Oh God, my hand’s come off’.

12. Swarfega is the name of the Beckhams’ youngest child.