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Our guys’ weekend was super crazy and cool

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Dozens of stag parties and other groups of men descended on Le Mans last week. Here, a typical attendee talks us through his weekend away.

“So my job kind of sucks and my boss is kind of an idiot so when my buddies Earl and the Tandster said we should go for, like, a guys’ weekend in Le Mans I was like, for sure.

So I went to France and when I got there, for sure I couldn’t believe it. The guys had rented a Porsche! And they had, like, written our names down the side and next to them were little flags to show what country we were from. It was like super hilarious and cool, for sure.

So I’m like driving around Le Mans in the Porsche and the atmosphere is, like, super amazing and for sure people are knowing my name ‘cos of the stickers on the side and they are shouting things like, ‘For sure, drive faster N. Hulkenberg of Germany’ and even though there was, like, this dick in some kind of Audi trying to get on my ass, I was having a totally super cool time, for sure.

So then the drinking started! Oh boy! My buddy Bamber, for sure he must have put away, like, over two litres of isotonic sports drinks in less than one hour! Later, the Tandmonster had, like, this protein shake and I was like, down in one! And, for sure, he did drink most of it pretty quickly. It was like super crazy and cool at the same time, for sure. I think Bamber went a little mad ‘cos later he had to go and have a lie down, and I did also, and when I woke up it was dark and that was pretty cool also, and then I drove the Porsche in the dark and it was super exciting, for sure.

The next day was also totally awesome and the guys were like taking turns driving the Porsche and then I was, like, can I have one last go? And they were like, for sure, and so I did, and it was super amazing and people were cheering and I was like, this is the best weekend ever, and then I stopped and the guys had a trophy which was, like, super crazy incredible and it said something like ‘winner of Le Mans 24hrs 2015’ but I think what it really said is, best friends forever.”