Man gets new job

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Chris Evans, yesterday
Chris Evans, yesterday

Chris Evans has been announced as the new presenter of Top Gear, bringing a welcome new lease of life to the programme he will completely ruin.

Evans is a famously knowledgeable when it comes to cars and is sure to enliven the long-running show he wrecks with his complete lack of knowledge about cars.

The popular presenter is certain to bring some of the magic that made the brilliant TFI Friday so terrible, leading to the intriguing prospect of a re-born Top Gear made in that mould, which would surely become must-see TV that you would switch off immediately.

Evans is thought to be the ideal choice of presenter to retain Top Gear’s vast audience, none of whom will watch the show if he is at the helm.

‘I am 100 percent NOT going to be the new Top Gear presenter,’ said Evans. ‘And I can’t wait to be the new presenter of Top Gear.’

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