McLaren announces simplified car naming policy

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Some kind of McLaren, yesterday
Some kind of McLaren, yesterday

McLaren is to revise its naming policy for road cars in order to bring what the company calls ‘an enhanced quantity of logicalitiness’.

Under the new policy, each car’s name will start with a number which denotes the number of cylinders, followed by a two digit number to reflect engine capacity. Hence, the 650S will become the 838 while the new 570C will be known as the 838 and the more powerful 570S by the number 838. It’s thought that any future variants of the P1 will be badged 838.

To distinguish between bodystyles, a letter will be applied after the model number with C denoting a coupe while a convertible will be badged C. So, for example, the old 650S Spider will become the 838C while the new 570S coupe will be re-named the 838C.

‘This brings enhanced simplicitication,’ said a McLaren spokesman who has recently been re-named Ron to keep things clear. ‘We believe our human customer units will appreciate the optimised clarity of the naming policy situation, no matter whether they buy an 838C, an 838C or an 838C. Although of course, that model is sold out. The 838C I mean, not the 838C! Ha ha haaaaaa! Um…’