New company joins retro-modern craze

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An 911, yesterday
An 911, yesterday

Hot on the heels of sensational creations from Singer and Magnus Walker, fans of retro-modern 911s can now enjoy another old-fashioned but up-to-date car with a new model from a German company called Porsche.

Called the ‘911 Carrera’, the new car boasts all the retro looks of a classic but with state-of-the-art features which some purists may object to, such as electric power steering and a turbocharged engine.

‘These are the modern touches that will make the car useable every day,’ said Porsche representative Portia Reprezentative. ‘But don’t worry, there are still many quirky and classic elements that no car maker in their right mind would offer today, such as an engine at the back and interior buttons that are in the wrong place.’

The new-old Porsche 911 Carrera is available to order now with prices starting at around £76,000, though most buyers will pay considerably more than that after adding contemporary touches such as cruise control and paint in the colour you actually want.

For anyone unfamiliar with the people behind this new old-but-new offering, Porsche has actually been trading for over 50 years, although its main business is selling large 4×4 vehicles.