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Rosberg determined to almost win

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Nico Rosberg, yesterday
Nico Rosberg, yesterday

Despite a disappointing DNF in last Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix, Nico Rosberg says he remains ‘totally focussed’ on coming second in the 2015 drivers’ championship.

‘I did it in 2014, and I know that if I keep my mind on the prize, I can be the second placed driver again this season,’ the German-Finnish-Monegasque driver insisted in a new interview with Every Other Sunday online. ‘I mean, I don’t want to sound boastful, but I truly believe that I am one of the second best drivers in Formula 1 right now.’

‘For sure, getting to stand on the second step in the world championship is partly down to luck,’ the Germ-Fin-Mongoose racer admitted. ‘But sometimes you make your own luck. It’s in my hands to make the disappointing start, to spend too many laps failing to overtake a slower car, to get on the radio and moan about everything, and for sure I know I can do these things.’

Rosberg denied that in his fight to be almost the winner of the F1 title he looks to the racing achievements of his father, such as third place in the 1985 world championship. ‘It’s not something I think about because, you know, my dad had good times and bad times too,’ the Germo-Finlandic-Monocoque driver insisted. ‘I mean, this one season he was first place in the championship. God, I hope that never happens to me!’