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The 2015 Frankfurt motoring show part 2


The Frankfurt motoring show still takes place in Germany. Here are some more newses from there.

Frankfurt, yesterday
Frankfurt, yesterday

Porsche gave the first public showing to the new, turbocharged 911 and confronted the conspicuous problem of what to do with the existing 911 Turbo. ‘It is simple,’ said a spokesman. ‘The 911 Turbo will receive a revolutionary new gearbox and a radical steering system and hence will be renamed the Porsche BoxSteer. Oh… Scheiße.’

Rolls-Royce was slow to pull the covers from it’s new convertible Wraith, the Dawn.‘It’s always darkest before the Dawn. Ow fuck. Ow!’ said a spokesman, banging his leg on a coffee table.

Renault showed off the new Megane. ‘Why would you buy a Golf when you could have this?’ asked a spokesman. ‘Oh dear, I seem to have answered my own question. Merde.’

On the Nissan stand all eyes were on the Gimpz concept. ‘It’s a chopper, baby. Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead,’ said a spokesman mysteriously, before bumming Bruce Willis.

Over at Infiniti the big news was the Q30 small car which is vitally important for the company and of no importance whatsoever to anyone outside of it.

Finally, Volkswagen announced a new Golf GTI version called the Clubsport which is aimed at track day goers. To that end, the new model automatically uploads extremely boring footage to YouTube, having carefully edited out the bit where it made a total cock of the chicane and got overtaken by a badly modified MX5.