Volkswagen – a history of deceit

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The current VW diesel engine scandal is not the first time the German company has mislead its customers, as demonstrated in this exclusive retrospective.

VWfactorysign1950 – When asked who founded company, claims to have ‘forgotten his name. Oh you know, chap with a moustache. Look, it’s not important.’

1961 – Denies the existence of water, especially for cooling engines.

1973 – Admits to over 30 years of fitting engines ‘at the wrong end’.

1981 – Launches Polo mk2, pretends not to know what ‘brakes’ are.

1989 – Claims front bumper brackets of facelift mk2 Golf are ‘definitely strong enough’.

1991 – Promises glovebox lid of mk3 Golf will stay closed.

1995 – Describes Polo Harlequin as ‘stylish’.

1997 – Accidentally uses GTI badge on mk4 Golf.

2003 – Claims to have sold a Phaeton to someone.

2006 – Admits all Passat TDIs in the outside lane of British motorways have secret ‘bellend mode’.