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F1 man ‘to be sold soon’

Bernie Ecclestone, yesterday
Bernie Ecclestone, yesterday

Rumours flying around Formula 1 this week suggest that Bernie Ecclestone could be sold in its entirety before the end of the year.

The stories follow remarks made by Ecclestone himself in which he claimed there were ‘several’ interested parties, though he declined to make up some names to make this seem more plausible.

‘There are certain people who might be interested in buying Bernie Ecclestone,’ said antiques expert Anne Teeksecks-Pert. ‘For example, a collector of hideous dolls or someone looking to complete their compendium of evil dwarves.’

However, Maurice Ital of Every Other Sunday magazine was less certain. ‘I think there’s one type of person who would buy Bernie Ecclestone in its entireity,’ he said. ‘And that’s a collector of ghastly little pricks who just say things to cause trouble.’