9 things you’ll only understand if your dad drove a Vauxhall Belmont in the 1980s

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Sniff Petrol drivel correspondent BUZZFACT CLICKBAYTE fills more space. Yes, this is the internet now.

VauxBel01. The boot was so big it could easily accommodate two large suitcases if required!

2. The Vauxhall dealer! That’s where your dad bought it from.

3. Your friends thought it was an Astra from the front, but when they got round the back they discovered it was a saloon!

VauxBel14. You got to use the special Belmont Lounge at all UK service stations!

5. All your clothes turned to velour!

6. That button on the dashboard. Why did it keep ringing Nigel Havers?

7. Your mum found one of your Auntie Carol’s earrings in the glovebox and started crying.

VauxBel28. Your Uncle Keith came round one day and smashed the windscreen while shouting ‘Fuck you Steve, fucking stay away from Carol!’

9. Your dad wasn’t around so much after about 1988 but when you saw him he drove a Vauxhall Belmont, until he went to prison for what happened to Uncle Keith!