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Ecclestone endorses Vader

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A moon, yesterday. Oh wait...
A moon, yesterday. Oh wait…

Darth Vader is the ‘right man’ to rule the universe and should have remained as supreme commander of the Imperial fleet, according to remarks made by Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

‘I don’t think he should have been electrocuted and then left on an exploding Death Star,’ Ecclestone said in an interview for Russian television. ‘If a few planets got blown up, it’s good. That’s the tax the universe had to pay.’

‘Yes, many innocent people got lasered to death,’ the mop-haired microtwat continued. ‘But who hasn’t done that, eh?’

The Vader camp immediately tried to distance themselves from Ecclestone’s remarks with a spokesman noting they had no affiliation with ‘such an evil regime’.