Marty McFly’s mirror moan

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The 1980s, yesterday
The 1980s, yesterday

Today, 21 October 2015, is the date Doc Brown and Marty McFly time travel to in the 1985 movie Back To The Future. To mark this occasion the film’s producers have released an amazing deleted scene in which McFly arrives in 2015 to discover with disappointment that concept cars continue to have cameras instead of rear view mirrors but production cars still don’t.

‘This is an incredible scene in which Marty finds that some things in the future are just the same as they are in his present day,’ notes film expert Phil Mexpert. ‘Ultimately it seems the producers decided that it didn’t add anything to the plot by having the lead character pacing around an auto show shouting, “Why? Why the fuck are they still doing this?”.’

The previously unseen footage is a fascinating snapshot into how the future might have seemed to people in 1985, according to motoring historian Mo Turing-Hystorian. ‘The sequence might seem dated now, but you have to remember the car world was very different 30 years ago,’ he cautions. ‘Audi was facing an embarrassing recall in the US, Alfa was pinning its hopes on a rear-wheel drive saloon and Rosberg was coming a disappointing third in the F1 championship. Oh…’